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We have some exquisite AKC PARTI COLOR YORKSHIRE TERRIERS  and AKC PARTI COLOR GENE CARRIER YORKIES. We are very happy to have added these delightfully charming, unique PARTI COLOR YORKSHIRE TERRIERS to our family. Yorkies are a tiny but fearless breed of dog and are the perfect little companion. They have a one of a kind long flowing shiny coat. The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most elegant and glamorous of all breeds and the parti color is not only elegant and glamorous but very flashy also. The picturesque parti color Yorkies are very attractive with their long flowing shimmering white coats with some markings of blue and tan mixed in. My parti color and parti color gene carrier Yorkshire Terriers are 100% all purebred Yorkie. The parti color Yorkshire Terrier is not another breed of dog, they are Yorkshire Terriers, just a different color. All of my Parti and Parti gene carrier Yorkshire Terriers have the Crownridge and Nikkos bloodlines in their background.

I am a small private breeder with over 30 years experience, and am offering exquisite quality, AKC REGISTERED PARTI COLOR YORKSHIRE TERRIERS FOR SALE. I will have very few parti color Yorkies to offer for sale as I am a firm believer in quality not quanity. Yorkies are my passion, my love and my life. I am a third generation breeder. My mothers love was the Pekingese and my grandmothers love was the tiny toy poodle. I am a stay at home mother, grandmother which means I am available to personally care for all my little dogs and puppies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For over 30 years I have personally handed every puppy ever produced by my little dogs to their new owner.  


We are so excited to have added the stunningly attractive PARTI COLOR YORKIES to our family. All our Parti color and Parti color gene carriers are American Kennel Club registered and will be small in size when mature. I prefer AKC registration and have raised AKC registered dogs for over 30 years. Although the AKC registered Parti color Yorkshire Terrier cannot at this time compete in AKC conformation shows, because of the disqualification of coat color, they can compete in AKC agility trials.The only coat color able to compete in AKC shows at this time is the Blue and Tan Yorkshire Terrier. Just like the Parti color Yorkshire Terrier the Black and Tan coat color can no longer be shown in AKC shows as it too is disqualified because of the color.

 We have over an acre fenced in yard for the dogs and puppies to exercise in and enjoy weather permitting. My puppies are country raised with plenty of room to run and play and are raised in a smoke free home. I always have more than enough help when trying to plant flowers in the spring. All of our little ones are very loved and spoiled. The puppies are handled and loved on every day and started on housebreaking at the age appropriate time.

  I can provide references from many credible and very  respected people. I am Veterinarian recommended in and out of my area. Anyone purchasing a puppy from me in the St Louis area will receive a free first time puppy examination with a clinic I use in St Louis.


I am here to provide you with the very best information possible and to help you find that loving YORKIE PUPPY that you and yours will love and enjoy for years to come! Each of our YORKIE PUPPIES come with a quality guarantee. Please contact me today for further information about our precious Yorkie puppies that will make a wonderful addition to your family.

I look forward to hearing from you and I am here to help you find the  YORKY PUPPY of your dreams! I just love to talk YORKIES!



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For anyone looking to add a lovely kitten to their family. These are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. This breeder is one AWESOME lady.

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